Friday, August 26, 2011

Is Chronic Commissions – Scam or Real – A Genuine Review by a Genuine User

Chronic Commissions Scam

Chronic Commissions is the new Cash Cow on the block!

Just like any other Instant Money Maker tool claim, they too promote their baby with BIG earnings proof screenshots and a so genuine looking real life video.

We bought a copy of this product in the first week of July 2011 to check whether Chronic Commissions is a Scam or not. More importantly we were interested in verifying the author’s super claims which is given below:

…a system that works for you 24/7/365

  • Without Content
  • Without a List
  • Without Connections
  • Without any Website or Hosting at all
  • Without Google, Yahoo, Bing or Any other Search Engine
  • No PPC advertising or advertising of any sort
  • …..

Chronic Commissions – The Reality

Well, there are a couple of things that are right about their claims. After the Signup with Chronic Commissions you don’t actually need to do a lot to set the system up. Basically, you don’t need a website or blog or even a landing page. You don’t really do any Search engine optimization or mass emailing on your own.

However, there’s a mailing list involved if you want to make the best out of it.

Let us understand how the Chronic Commissions system work.

How does Chronic Commissions actually work?

Well, Chronic Commissions costs you $49.95 to get access to the whole system.

Once signed up, you will be actually getting an Portal interface for yourself that you can customize within 5-6 clicks as they promise. Basically, it takes you though three to four pages where you have to specify your Clickbank account, PayPal email address and more importantly choose the Pay Per Lead option OR aWeber Email list option.

If you chose the aWeber option (Learn more about aWeber $1 for First month account) you have the best chance – actually unlimited – of making money by building your list and promoting all the products listed there. There are even some bonus (free) gifts that hooks people into the system and later paid products marketed to them as followup campaigns – automatically. If aWeber is your choice, you have to specify the aWeber list name and form name. Please note that, in this case you have the additional possibility to build your mail list (target list) even via other sources such as your own blog or website, if you have any.

If you are not going to sign up with aWeber, basically they will provide you an option to directly market your products via solo ads. In this case, basically you are deciding to directly (and instantly) reach 10000s of potential customers via Email marketing. There are a number of preferred solo ads specialists listed within the portal itself with information such as their websites and skype ID. You can purchase one and instantly start your campaign. Chronic Commissions provide all campaign materials (such as Email swipes, link addresses etc) for the selected Clickbank prods – all with your Clickbank ID and tracking ID embedded.

Once the campaigns are alive, the system tracks its traffic effectiveness, conversions etc. It will even create follow up campaigns to make sure that people actually end up buying products. However, the whole thing is initially a bit confusing if you are not used to the Email marketing concepts.

Please note that if you use solo ads for promotion, you have the opportunity to send your traffic directly to your Clickbank sales page or your Squeeze page. The former is for immediate sale and the latter for list based follow up sales

Learning curve

You need to spend a good one hour to understand the whole system via their simple to understand videos. After one or two bonus campaign runs you will get acquainted with it and things are pretty smooth from then onwards. You will even learn tricks to promote their bonus products via other means (blog stripe ads, aWeber form on your blog etc) that you may have though not mandatory.

Our experience

Well, our screenshots doesn’t exactly look like $91,546.76 as advertised. But more like the one given below which is not too bad either for the $90 we spent on solo ads. i.e. We made sales worth around $200 for spending $90 plus we managed to create an email list of about 240 subscribers instantly with the system. In addition, the follow up offers for these subscribers are still pending and hence the impact will be more visible soon. We hope to spend some more money based on the initial results.


This is an actual Screenshot from our Laptop showing the Clickbank account used for the Chronic Commissions experiments. And we are seeing some rise in July for sure.

The summary of the story is that Chronic Commissions is NOT a SCAM! It can work for you if you are willing to spend a few bucks on solo ads. The money returned will solely depend on how much you are willing to spend on email solo ad services. The double advantage here is that your subscriber list is growing in the process that can be used to create more sales later.

Feel free to sign up with Chronic Commissions as it can work well with your follow-up campaigns. After all, there’s a 60 days Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked) if nothing works for you.

And don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any additional queries on the same because we have extensively played around with it using multiple approaches – via aWeber, via our existing blogs etc.

We will be updating this Chronic Commissions scam check page with more screenshots (every other week or so) if Chronic Commissions turns out to be even more exciting for us…

LinkHappy Money Making!

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